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View  from  the bridge that leads to the main parking area. The Atlantic Ocean and Whiskey Creek are divided by a picnic area. The park encompasses about 2.5 miles of beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Whiskey Creek is a tidal creek that is often used by recreational boaters for easy access to the park's picnic area. Adventure seekers paddling their way through Whiskey Creek in kayaks.
John U. Lloyd Beach State Park
The park is open 365 days a year and offers both passive and active recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

History and Culture

The park was named in honor of the late John U. Lloyd, Broward County's attorney for 30 years, who led efforts to preserve the first parcel of land that eventually became John U. Lloyd Beach State Park in 1973.

Historical drawing  of the barefoot mailman bringing the mail.

Barefoot Mailman

In the late 1800s, the mail was carried on foot from West Palm Beach to Miami. The barefoot mail route was so named because the carriers walked barefoot on the hard sand at the water's edge. These men became collectively known as the Barefoot Mailmen. The beach at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park was part of the 68-mile journey.

Park dedication ceremony that took place in 1977.

Park Dedication

The park land was purchased by the state from Broward County on August 23, 1973. The initial acquisition of 117 acres cost $15,314,000. Today, the park area encompasses 310 acres between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, stretching from Port Everglades Inlet on the north to Dania on the south.

The park was named after John U. Lloyd.

John U. Lloyd

Due to the efforts of John U. Lloyd, the state approved the purchase of this property in 1954 and the park is here for many generations to enjoy.

Interpretive program at the park's educational facility.


The park offers a wide range of educational opportunities. Patrons, school groups and civic organizations are encouraged and invited to attend one of the many environmental education programs or workshops.

A loggerhead sea turtle lays her eggs on the beach.

Sea Turtle

The park is one of 33 beach indexing sites that provide valuable sea turtle data to researchers from around the world. It is common to have more than 200 nests each season. Educational opportunities are available througout the nesting season.