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Sea oats are a protected species because they hold the dunes together, preserving fragile beach habitat. The waterside picnic pavilions provide views of both Ski Alley and the Gulf of Mexico. Shells abound on the beach at Stump Pass. An osprey prepares to eat the freshly-caught fish he held in his talons.
Stump Pass Beach State Park
The Stump Pass Beach State Park nature trail is two miles in length, round trip.

History and Culture

The sands of this site are always shifting. Historic maps reveal the altered shapes of the island over time. The island's salt-tolerant vegetation preserves the appearance of the Southwest Florida coast before much of it was changed by development. Beach dunes covered with sea oats slope to the Gulf waters. Behind the dunes, seagrape trees often grow in dense thickets. Easily recognized by their large, round leaves, the trees offer a bounty of edible fruit in late summer. Mangrove trees are abundant on the bay side of the park.

Sunset overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.


Sunsets are one of the greatest enjoyments on the west coast of Florida. Stump Pass Beach State Park is a perfect place to watch a sunset from one of the many benches located within the park.

Stump Pass State Park provides visitor facilities such as the bath house and showers shown here.

Stump Pass Bathhouse

Stump Pass Beach State Park has restrooms, showers and picnic tables available to the public. A stop at these facilities is ideal before you set out on hiking the nature trail to the pass and back, a 2.6-mile walk roundtrip.

Ski Alley is a popular location for fishing and recreational boating.

Ski Alley

Ski Alley is the local name for the body of water behind the main island at Stump Pass Beach State Park. It got its name because its long, straight shape is perfect for water skiing.  Boating enthusiasts and kayakers alike enjoy the beautiful waters around Stump Pass Beach State Park.  

Stump Pass Beach volunteers help out on the beach.


Volunteers at Stump Pass Beach State Park participate in many activities, including sea turtle monitoring, invasive exotic plant removal, shore bird stewardship and much more. There is always space available for more volunteers - why not lend a hand?

Pelicans sit on a sandbar in the water.


Wildlife is ever-present at Stump Pass Beach State Park. Pelicans, ospreys, great blue herons and other coastal birds abound. Also, be sure to look out for the gopher tortoises who dig their burrows underground.