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This aerial shot of Honeymoon Island State Park shows the island amid seas of greenish-blue water. Sea oats wave on the sand dunes of Honeymoon Island. The Rotary Centennial Nature Center at Honeymoon Island, shown here, opened in 2007. The Osprey Trail stretches outward in this snapshot from Honeymoon Island.
Honeymoon Island State Park
The north beach area of the island is scattered with sea oats and railroad vine.

History and Culture

The island received its name in 1939 when New York developer Clinton Washburn purchased the island and, together with LIFE magazine, held a contest for newly married couples. The winners of the contest would stay in thatched bungalows in sunny Florida for a two week 'honeymoon.'

This aerial photograph of Honeymoon Island was taken in the 1940s.

Honeymoon, 1940s

In 1939, Clinton Washburn and Life magazine held a contest for newlyweds. Contestants submitted essays to win a two week honeymoon on what became known as Honeymoon Isle.

This aerial photograph shows the thatched huts on Honeymoon Island.

Thatched Huts

Little cottages constructed of palm fronds served as honeymoon huts for newlyweds in the early 1940s. The visitors were flown on and off the island by the planes shown on the water's edge.

A honeymooning couple poses in front of a cottage.


Imagine spending your honeymoon with nearly 100 people. Fifty honeymoon huts were built on the island. These honeymooners, standing in front of one of the palm-frond huts, hold a heart-shaped sign containing signatures of all of the newlyweds on Honeymoon Isle.

This photo shows a close up of one of the 1940s honeymoon huts.

Honeymoon Hut

The palm-frond honeymoon huts were given appropriate names, such as 'Lover's Nook.'

This aerial shows Honeymoon in the 1970s.

Honeymoon, 1970s

This aerial photograph shows the park on Honeymoon before concrete was laid for streets and bathhouses were constructed on the beach. The huts are gone, but honeymooners (and other folks, too) can still enjoy a restful and romantic day on the still-beautiful Honeymoon Island.