Get a little park on ya!

Need to get out of the house, out of the office or off the highway? Need some cool spring water, some bird song or a dash of salt with your sunset? Then you need to get a little park on ya!

Getting a little park on ya means watching your grandchild get his first taste of salt in the air and sand on his toes. Getting a little park on ya is listening to the sound of white-capped waves greeting the beach, the smell of today's catch grilling over charcoal while your friends gather round the campfire, or sighting a bird to add to your "life list" with your best birding buddy. It's walking into the cooling shade of a forested trail, or paddling scenic rivers that were yesterday's highways and listening to your grandparents talk of "the good old days," or diving into a first-magnitude spring with your cousins. It's exploring historic sites, visiting research centers and taking educational tours with your family.

This list of 50 activities will get you started on your mission to get a little park on ya! These state parks are favorite locations for many park visitors, but the large crowds aren't as likely to block your view. Many parks provide spend-the-night spaces. Pitch a tent at one of our campgrounds, park your RV at one of our full-facility campsites or spend the night in a cozy cabin.

Gather your family and friends and head to a Florida State Park to get a little park on ya!