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Fort George Island Cultural State Park

The Ribault Clubhouse

Fort George Island Audio Tour

Audio Tour of Saturiwa Trail at Fort George Island Cultural State Park (Pronounced sa-chur-EE-wa)

A site of human occupation for more than 5,000 years, Fort George Island was named for a 1736 fort built to defend the southern flank of Georgia when it was a colony. Today's visitors come for boating, fishing, off-road bicycling and hiking.

Take the opportunity to step back in time with a drive or bicycle ride along Fort George Road with its canopy of live oak trees. Learn even more by taking a virtual ranger tour along the Saturiwa Trail, which follows part of Fort George Road.

Discover the historic Ribault Club and the Kingsley Plantation while traveling along more than 4.4 miles of paved and hard packed gravel roads through maritime forest, abundant with plant and animal life.

A CD of the tour is available from the Ribault Club or ranger station for use in your car's CD player. A script of the audio tour is also available in large print for those with hearing or vision difficulties at the Little Talbot Island Ranger Station, in the brochure rack in front of the Ribault Club on Fort George Island.

MP3 Files

Introduction Introduction
Station #1 History
Station #2 Mt. Cornelia
Station #3 Canopied Roads
Station #4 Point Isabel
Station #5 Private Homes
Station #6 Kingsley Plantation Complex
Station #7 Pine Plantation
Station #8 Palmetto Avenue
Station #9 San Juan del Puerto Mission
Station #10 San Juan Creek
Station #11 Mosquito Ditching
Station #12 Garden Creek Marshes
Station #13 Mill Site
Station #14 Rice Dam
Station #15 Blue's Pond
Station #16 The Crypts
Station #17 Chief Saturiwa
Station #18 St. George Episcopal Church
Station #19 Rolling Bird and Plant Sanctuary
Station #20 George Botany
Station #21 The Nelmar House
Station #22 Little Talbot Island Overlook
Station #23 Ribault Club, Partnership and Ft. George Is. Visitor Center
Tabby House Thompson Tabby House