Craft Square
You Won't Believe What
These Talented Artisans Can Do

 You've seen the products of extremely skilled artisans, but you may not know how they get from raw material to finished goods. Here in the Craft Square Area, you'll get a close-up look at the processes. The Stephen Foster Craft Square is located a short walk from the Carillon Tower. Located in the Craft Square are 5 cabins that serve as demonstration areas for Florida artists as well as visiting artists from all over the country. Over the weekend Florida artists will be working throughout the Craft Square demonstrating various Traditional & Contemporary arts. Pottery, Woodworking, Stained Glass, Fiber Arts, and Blacksmithing are just a few of the arts that can be seen. All of these artists welcome visitor interaction and most sell their finished items.  Many of them can be found at the park on a regular basis. Call the Craft Square at 386-397-1920 for a schedule of daily demonstrations throughout the entire year. The following is a list of demonstrators that have appeared at previous festivals.

Michael Barclay demonstrate leather working.

Mike Batusic demonstrate wood turning.

Julie Batusic demonstrates pine needle weaving.

Bettye Borman demonstrates crocheting and knitting.

Jay Borman demonstrates counted cross stitch.

Iris Burke demonstrates pottery.

Helen Cribbs demonstrates how to make yo-yo’s for quilting and pillow making.

Lisa Donley demonstrates rug making and lye soap making.

Walter Donley demonstrates blacksmithing techniques.

Lei Lani Davis demonstrates Pysanka egg making and herb growing.

Gene Fourakre makes grits, cornmeal, handcrafted wood items, small handmade boxes and more.

Rosalee Fourakre has hand crocheted and knitted items.

Mary R. Fridman and Erinn Koch demonstrate spinning and weaving.

Aubrey Graves demonstrates whittling.

Diane Hornby and Paul Hornby of Green Lizard Pottery create pottery.

Sherryl Huseonica of Calligraphy By Sheryl demonstrates and creates unique calligraphy and also has original pottery.

Victoria Kerkela demonstrates jewelry making.



John Lacefield of Lacefield Farms demonstrates blacksmithing techniques and creates items such as wall hooks and nails.




Roberta Lacefield demonstrates rug making.




Marie Longo demonstrates quilting.




Arlette Love demonstrates crocheting and knitting




Jim Love of Armadillo Leather creates handcrafted leather belts, keyrings, vests and other items.




Sherry Miller demonstrates pottery.




Carol Plante demonstrates jewelry making.




Linda Schenavar makes handmade magnetic beaded jewelry using semi-precious stone beads and Magnetite beads, crystals and metallic beads as well as demonstrating wire sculptured jewelry.




Gerald and Mary Schramer demonstrate making sun catchers




Bobbie Valentine demonstrate pine needle weaving.




John Williams makes harps, dulcimers and bowed psalteries.




Carmen Yeomans demonstrates painting and face painting for kids.