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Amphitheater and
Old Marble Crafts!



Amphitheater and Old Marble Crafts showcase the great variety of Florida's artists and natural resources. Inspired or handed down by traditional ways of the past, or styled with the designs of studio art, Florida's craftsmen pursue the creative expression of their history and culture. Handcrafted furniture, detailed reproductions of Native American shell carvings, rich Hungarian embroidery, and handmade musical instruments are sold alongside fine jewelry, functional studio pottery, handwoven apparel, and home made jams and jellies. Craftsmen demonstrate their skills throughout the craft areas, so take a leisurely stroll and visit with the artists whose work helps to support the Florida Folk Festival. All craft vendors contribute a percentage of their sales to the Festival. When you patronize these artists you are supporting both the creativity of Florida crafts and the continuation of the Florida Folk Festival!  The artists below are just a sampling of previous festival participants. The 2014 festival crafters will be updated as the festival nears.

Patricia Albala, The Butterfly Lady, hand painted wooden butterflies and paper art

 Catherine Akins, NoFlaGo:  hand decorated gourds including lidded gourds, hanging gourd, purses, incense burner, and shelf décor

 Bob Andrews of A.C.L. Leather:  handbags with native skin inlays - gator, stingray, snake - hand sewn briefcase with calf skin inlays, backpack made of native deerskin, deer skin waist pack, western style vest, leather boxes

 Elvira Ashers of Verash: hairpins, combs, barrettes, earrings, bun and ponytail holders in brass, copper, sterling silver, gold, acrylic and gemstones

 Kathryn Basham, Medicine Song Crafts:  Fiber arts – macramé, weaving, crochet, knitting, sewing, and baskets

 Marc Batuigas, Jiana’s Treasure Chest:  handmade coconut shell handbags and accessories.

 Brian & Jan Blackmore, Rainbow Designs: handcrafted jewelry from precious metals, semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals.

 Terry Bodeker: original designed and handcrafted cast silver art jewelry with nature and wildlife themes, especially Florida sea life..

 Matthew Brabham, Our Pottery:  wheel thrown pottery with sculptural decorations of small animals, mostly lizards and frogs.

 Tom Brown, Ozello Islands Products: Pepper sauces, pepper glazes and pepper jelly.

 Alice Cappa of Weaves by Cappa has hand woven wearables and accessories in natural fibers.

 Bharati Chaudhuri, Creative Studio: traditional Henna painting, pottery with ethnic designs, note cards and body art. 

Ibiyemi Efuntosin, Ibiyemi's Afrikan Arts & Crafts: African styled handmade arts and crafts items:  African musical instruments; Shakeray - beaded hand drums; Owari - stone game of strategy; dolls, notions, purses, wallets, handbags, scarves, jewelry, Attire – Shokoto (pants), Buba (shirt) , Lapa (skirt ) and Gele (head tie).

 Susan Davis of Susie Q Gourds:  gourd art - wood-burned, weaved, painted, carved, one-of-a-kind gourds

 Antonio Falla, Antonio Designs:  handmade jewelry with silver and semi-precious stone.

 Amy & Henry Gernhardt  Cedar Key Pottery        Pottery - limited production pottery and one of a kind pottery and sculptures.  Mugs, bowls, planters, covered jars, vases.

 Bruce Gootner of Cigar Box Music: unique and numbered cigar box guitars and cigar box amplifiers made from recycled cigar boxes.  Each piece is unique and meant to be displayed when not played.

 Marty Haythorn, Ancient Hands: recreations of Southeastern Woodland and Mississippian (300-1450 A.D.) Native American pottery and contemporary revival pottery in the tradition of Florida and Native American art.

 Harriet Heywood of EarthWares:  has hand-made, dyed hemp bags, aprons, clothing, and cotton aprons.

 Margaret Horvath, Hungarian Folk Art: traditional Hungarian embroidery and needlework applied to tablecloths, blouses, dolls, doilies, straw crafts and more.

 Melissa Hughes of Sweetbay Soaps:  handmade cold process soaps

 Gene Jaeger, Unicorn Strings Music Company: bowed psalteries, music books, recordings, instrument cases.

 Albert Jonas:  funcational and decorative Calabash Gourds

 Eric Larson of Winter Park Soap has organic, plant based soaps, lotions and body sugar scrubs.

Bruce and Susan LaWall: stoneware and porcelain pottery in a variety of functional and decorative forms, including mugs, bowls, casseroles, boxes, masks, mosaic wall hangings, vases and urns.

 Michelle Leverett of Strictly Sweets: baked goods, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops,  art work, painting, jewelry, crafts

 Tom Levine of Defiant Worm Books is a Florida writer with two books – “Paradise Interrupted” which celebrates natural Florida and “Bite Me!,” a collection of his best fishing stories.

 Katelyn Lynch demonstrates Yoga and conducts Yoga workshops throughout the day adjacent to the Environmental and Cultural Heritage Awareness Exhibits near the Tower.

 Mary & Mom, apprentices of longtime festival tie-dye artist Mark Wright, have Tie-dye arts, including t-shirts, dresses, socks, shoelaces and hats 

Ethel McDonald, Marie's Home Canning: home canning:  jams, jellies, pickles, relishes; handwoven jelly baskets; hand-knitted dish dolls; handmade aprons

 Rusty Miller, Rusty Miller Stoneware: studio pottery in functional forms, including dishes, mugs, bowls, pitchers and platters.

 Jeff & Brooke Mohr, Mockingbird Forge:  hand forged decorative and utilitarian ironwork, handmade brooms.

 Janet Moses, Janet Moses & Co.: paints a variety of primitive motifs on old windows, doors, tin and other items, including plants, chickens, sheep, cows, birds, fish, and local landscapes.

 Greg Nason, Earthwares: scroll work made on a foot-powered antique scroll saw of pictures, shelves, military insignias, bookmarks, boxes, puzzles, bowls and clocks.

 Eddie Osborne of Pan African Arts has assorted hand-crafted African and African-American musical instruments, including Gourd Rattles (Sekere, Axatse); Thumb Pianos (Kalimba, Agidigbo, Ndong); Xylophones (Bala, Gyile); drums and musical bows.

 Christina Raymond:  massage or assisted active isolated stretching offered for a fee to help release tight muscles, improve posture and help- relieve chronic neck and low back pain

 Bill Roberson, The Suwannee Cracker of Suwannee Cracker Art, has pen and pencil drawings, note cards and handcarved walking sticks 

Ben Rogers of Tinker’s Forge demonstrates and sells hand-forged items.

 Michael Ryan of Seashell Music has musical seashells created by drilling pitch holes to resonate the air inside spiral and bi-valve seashells.

 Dan Santini of Santini Leather: handmade leather goods including, backpacks, ergonomic bags, messenger bags, purses, briefcases, travel bags

 Robin Sapp of Peace of Glass has stained glass panels, sun catchers, bugs, and pendants influenced by nature.

 Ruby Shaw has homemade peanut brittle.

 Ronnie Smith, Ronnie’s Creations:  unique handmade pieces of furniture made from old wood, old houses and old barn wood from the North Florida area. 

Lita Swindle & Eva Clayton, Clayton & Swindle: demonstrate the spinning and the making of rag rugs using a rigid heddle loom. Demonstrations and sale of rag rugs, cloth and fiber items, handmade looms and belt looms, spinning wheels and drop spindles.

 Melody Swindle of MS Designs has artwork created with and from recycled materials with a sense of humor, featuring statues, wall pieces, hanging vases, candelabras, wine stoppers, bird houses, bird feeders, jewelry, key chains and more.

Stella Todd, Fascinated by Faces:  faces in clay on flower pots, masks, bases ugly jugs, strings of head beads and more.

 George Tortorelli  Medicine Wind Music has handmade, fine-tuned bamboo flutes and bird whistles made from sustainably harvested, home-grown bamboo.  All bamboo planted and harvested in Gainesville, FL; original bamboo flute and Celtic harp recordings.

 Nancy Traver has hand knitted items, tatted lace and hand wovens

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