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The Barnacle Historic State Park
Essential Eligibility Criteria

Washington's Birthday Regatta

In order to participate in this program, one:

  • Must have the ability to register to enter, paying entrance fee either in advance by mail or in person the morning of the regatta.
  • Must be able to read and follow written and verbal guides and instructions independently or with assistance of companion.
  • Must have access to a traditional-style sailboat.
  • Must have knowledge and experience in operating that sailboat.
  • Must be able to withstand exposure to the outdoors on the water for however long the regatta takes.
  • Must be able to traverse a paved multi-use trail for a distance of approximately 2400 feet (1200 feet each direction) independently or with the assistance of a companion or with the assistance of a device to the Micco Pavilion for the awards dinner at 5:30 pm.
  • Must be able to withstand exposure to the outdoor environment for the duration of the awards dinner.