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Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park
Essential Eligibility Criteria

Prairie Buggy Tours

In order to participate in this program, one:

·        Must have the ability to follow visual and/or verbal instructions, independently or with the assistance of a companion.
·        Must have the ability, independently or with the assistance of a companion, to ascend and descend five steps; four steps with a raise of 12 inches and one of 13.5 inches, or ascend and descend a six-rung ladder with 12 inch spacing and a maximum handle width of 14 inches. (Must fit through to ascend and descend.)
·        Must have the ability to endure being jostled for a two and half hour tour. The Prairie Buggy tour can become bumpy at times.
·        Must be able to remain seated for two prolonged periods of one hour and 15 minutes each and be able to sit in a 17-inch wide seat.
·        Must be able to be exposed to sunlight with no shade for two, one hour and 15 minute intervals.
·        Must be able to endure potentially windy and rainy conditions.