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Bahia Honda State Park

 Photos of Bahia Honda State Park

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Blue water, a rocky shoreline with trees.

Bayside Camping Area

Orange butterfly with white spots (wings closed) perching on plant with a yellow flower. Background is blurry green.

Gulf Fritillary

Small, blue butterfly with wings open, sitting on pale green leaves.

Miami Blue

White-headed pelican sitting on top of a pole with a blue sky and clouds in the background.

Brown Pelican

Spiny antennae poking out of a hole on the ocean bottom, algae partially over lobster, with two dark eyes on end of stalks, tan in color.

Florida Spiny Lobster

Medium-sized marine snail with the pink interior exposed, lying on the ocean bottom surrounded by algae and sea grasses.

Queen Conch

Closeup of bluish-pink Portuguese Man-o-War on a sandy beach.

Portuguese Man-O-War

Black, long, sharp spines, clinging to rocks on the ocean bottom, with tiny fish around it.

Long-spined Urchin

Closeup of slender, silvery leaves and tiny clusters of white flowers.

Sea Lavender

View of Bahia Honda Bridge with rainbow.

Rainbow Over Bahia Honda Bridge