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Anclote Key Preserve State Park

 About Anclote Key Preserve State Park

Aerial view of water and trees along the coast at Anclote Key.


Pete Krulder

The teal Gulf waters and sun-soaked sand make the beaches of Anclote Key Preserve irresistible! This island has been a part of the Florida Park Service since 1960, providing visitors with countless recreational activities, awe-inspiring sunsets and the opportunities for making lifelong memories. A day on the island can be spent  snorkeling the seagrass beds looking at the sea creatures, making the inland walk to visit the lighthouse, building sandcastles on the beach with the little ones, or simply relaxing to the sound of the lapping waves.

Staying for the spectacular sunsets is the favorite pastimes of many visitors. The numerous shades of blues and purples with the highlights of pinks and oranges are enough to keep the photographers and spectators marveling on the island well past sundown.

However you spend your day at Anclote Key Preserve, it will be one to remember!

Dogs are not permitted on Anclote Key or Three Rooker Bar.

When out at Anclote Key or Anclote Bar, you may notice the many shorebirds that rest and nest here. These northernmost barrier islands are considered by experts to be among the top five sites in the state for diversity and numbers of beach-nesting birds. Species such as the Piping Plover winters here, but can be found almost any month of the year. Nesting activity for most of these birds can begin as early as March and may last through to August. However, resting occurs year-round. It is vital to the birds' survival not to disturb them while they are feeding or resting. They use precious energy stores every time they are flushed in the air. Dogs can cause great disturbance to nesting bird colonies and this is one of the reasons they are not allowed on Anclote Key or Three Rooker Bar. Please keep your pets away from the resting and nesting birds. Share the beaches with the birds and please obey all posted signs. Dogs are allowed in designated areas of both Honeymoon Island and North Anclote Bar, but must remain on a six-foot hand-held leash and under your control at all times. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay on the islands.

Take pride in this and all natural preserves. Please carry out what you bring to the islands. Please note that ferry services do not drop off visitors for overnight camping. You must have your own transportation to stay overnight.


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  • Anclote Key State Preserve is located three miles off Tarpon Springs and is accessible only by private boat.


  • Volunteer - Volunteers have contributed tremendously to the Anclote Key Preserve State Park, and opportunities are available to help in many ways, such as greeting visitors, conducting tours, helping rangers remove exotic plants or maintaining the natural beauty of the Park. If you would like to help, please contact the park at (727) 462-2187 during normal business hours.
  • For forms, information and benefits of volunteering visit Get Involved.
  • Friends of Anclote Key State Park and Lighthouse


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  • Florida State Parks Pet Policy
  • To protect the islands, nesting bird colonies, dogs are not permitted on Anclote Key or Three Rooker Bar. Pets are permitted on North Anclote Bar, but must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet, be well-behaved at all times and stay out of posted areas.